new Sims 4 video continuing the adventures of ‘Dil Howlter’ - we make a house!

skinny jeans



found the perfect colors to paint the friendzone

my creation


[tour guide voice] and to your left, you can see me, ruining everything


idk whats worse my mind or my body


Troye Sivan Mellet

You’ve done it. You are literally living your dream and I am so so proud of you. From little sick “six” fetus Troye, to China, to fearlessly being yourself, to signing a record deal, to dropping an album, you have done it. I’m blown away by how much your life has changed since one year ago today. Even though I don’t know you personally; I know that you are one of the most friendly, caring, and loving human beings to exist on this earth. 

I would personally like to thank you for bringing me along on this crazy ride. There has been nothing better than watching you chase and achieve your goals and dreams over the past few years.

I know us troyblemakers complain about you “pulling a beyonce” or “messing up our sleeping schedules” but honestly, we love you for it. You make me and every single one of your others fans so incredibly happy, whether it’s your videos, vlogs, movies, or music. You are an inspiration to all of us and you mean more than the world to me.

I say this with so much respect; thank and fuck you troyesivan18 <3






i like to think that hogwarts has a really strong wi-fi signal, but like the stair cases, it keeps moving around. just muggleborns, chillin on their laptops all suddenly stand up together, dash madly to a different corner of the school, and sit down wordlessly like some kind of mind hive flock of pigeons while the purebloods are just so confused